Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
The year 2010 marks the 30th year of Dominic’s work in the beauty industry. An award winning, gold medalist in many acclaimed international and local beauty competitions, Dominic loves doing the ordinary extraordinarily well. His work as a platform artist for the global companies Redken and Zoto’s showcased his skill as a stylist with exceptional ability for cutting. Dominic has an insightful approach enabling him to visualize what is best for a client based on his or her hair type and profile. Dominic’s success as a stylist led him to open Salon By Dominic in September 1992, the way he envisioned salons to be. A warm, professional, atmosphere enables stylists under his supervision to share their learning experiences and promote self-growth. This further enhances every client’s experience at the Salon. Molding and training apprentices through the assistant program and mentoring students from local beauty enterprises is one of the highlights of Dominic’s work. Even though Dominic’s work has been featured on the cover of many publications, including Delaware Today, his philosophy is grounded in one simple statement: “I am in this business because I enjoy making people feel good about themselves.” His many clients, who have continued to make Salon By Dominic a trend-setting center of the beauty industry, evidence that.